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Egg Sitter Support Cushion

Egg Sitter Support Cushion

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Sit comfortably like you would on a cloud, now say NO to back and buttocks pain and soreness. Adopt a healthier way for your daily lifestyle.

  • Now you can sit all day, on even the hardest chair, and still feel comfortable. 
  • That’s why even an egg won’t break under pressure.
  • Plus, Egg Sitter stays cool to the touch, and allows air to circulate underneath.
  • Now long days at the office will be more comfortable, dinner more enjoyable, and painful car rides a thing of the past.
  • We spend so many hours sitting down, it’s no wonder that cases of lower back pain and posture problems are increasing.
  • How we support our weight when sitting can make a huge difference to our sitting experience as well as our long-term comfort.
  • The right support requires pressure to be relieved from crucial pressure points when we sit.
  • The Seat Cushion Egg Sitter is designed to alleviate these pressure points in a strong and flexible shape that will feel like you’re floating on air.


    Honeycomb Design

    With more than 300 balanced pressure and flexible honeycomb grid design that disperses the pressure of the whole buttocks and thighs, perfectly fits the buttocks curve, soft and without losing support force.

    Clean and Breathable

    This unique gel honeycomb cooling structure greatly reduces heat transfer between the buttocks and the seat, increases air circulation and keep cool at the bottom for sedentary. It also comes with a non-slip zipper cover for easy cleaning.


    Help Relieve Pain

    Effectively prevent and alleviate various pain symptoms, including tail bone problems, lumbar strain, fatigue, soreness and numbness caused by compression of the buttocks muscles.


    • Absorbs pressure points
    • Allows proper air circulation
    • Retains shape
    • Strong & durable design
    • Made of ultra-flex polymer
    • Unique honeycomb construction
    • Fits most chairs
    • Measures 15.5-inches X 14-inches X 1.5-inches


    Why You Need This:

    • Soft and Comfortable
    • Supports spinal cord
    • Protects you from spinal problems
    • Prevents lumbar vertebrae and poor posture
    • Allows proper air circulation
    • Prevents unwanted sweat and some diseases such as Hemorrhoids
    • Waterproof.
    • Can be used with wheelchair, car, office, chair
    • Eco-friendly silicone gel
    • Portable & washable

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